Certificates Programs for Online students

These are equivalence to residential courses.

Undergraduates  Program of Studies:

  •  Certificate of Apologetics,                                      
  • Certificate of Evangelism
  • Certificate of New Testaments
  • Certificate of Old Testament
  • Certificate of Pastoral Ministry
  • Certificate of Christian Team Leadership
  • Certificate Spiritual Growth
  • Certificate of Christian Ethics
  • Certificate of Christian Leadership.

 Undergraduates Programs of Studies.

  The programs of studies will be taken through Bible Seminary courses, Conferences, webinars, and through other means of training  for undergraduate students. The time span for study will  depend on the students, and commitments to the  program of study. Learning from the past students, who have completed our online program of study shows: some students finished their program of study within six months to a year. Are you thinking of taking our courses? We have the keys, to enhance your understanding of the word of God. The time you invested in the program of study, will earn you a certificate  while studying at  your own pace.


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