The Bible Institute Church of All Nations is an interdenominational church where members of different ethnics group of people come together and worship the Lord, as they are tuned into the presence of God. The church is one stop place where people of all walks of lives are taught the word of God, for their spiritual growth.

The church is an umbrella of other ministries where God work is carry out through out means, such as offering of Christian Education, to members of the church, through Luk's Bible Seminary School of Christian Education, for both Graduates and Undergraduates students.
TBI-COAN is a non-denominational Church formed in the state of Nebraska. The church shall serve as the umbrella of all ministries and shall carry out the mission of Christ, on earth, through teaching, and training leaders, for the work of Christ, worldwide. The Bible Institute Church of All Nations, has a mandate to become a one stop place, where people from all ethnic background and nationalities come together in unity to carry out the Great commission, while doing the work of God.
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