Spiritual Growth Courses: Spiritual growth classes take you closer to God, the creator and the lover of the human heart, so that relationships are built, for the eternal life of the soul.

  1.  How to help people change: (COUNSPR 101)   
  2. Hurt People, Hurt People: (COUNSPR 102)   
  3. The Anxiety Cure: (COUNSPR 103)   
  4. The Christian Versus Demon Activity: (COUNSPR 104)
  6. 5) Answers to Life's Problems: (COUNSPR 105)
  8. 6) You can Know how to defeat Satan: (COUNSPR 106)
  10. 7) Prayer: The Timeless Screts of High Impact Leaders: (CLED 104)
  12. 8) Conformed to His Image:  (Theo 233)

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