Christ Broadcasting Television Network, is an independent Christian Television that share the Gospel of Christ, with the members of the Christian Community. Christian education is one way  Christian around the world can share their  faiths with those are willing to  hear the truth of the Gospel. It is also important that leaders of the Christian community, are educated with the Great Commission. Programs of Christ Broadcasting Television Network, are broadcast weekly around the world, so that people who want to followers of Christ, can have a first hand experience, about what the Bible concerning personal relationship with him.

Christ Broadcasting TV Network  (CBTN) is an independent Christian media where pastors, ministers of the Gospel come together in harmony to share their sermons in teaching, preaching of the Word of God, for the good of the global community to hear, listen and apply the Word of God.

CBTN will continue to share the message of the cross with the entire world, through the internet, and also using its website to lead people into the knowledge of Christ, as Lord of their hearts. And also sharing it with the local television channel around the Omaha Metro areas, and the world.

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